About Lizprintz Creations

Enhance your space with vibrant, functional art created for your tables and floor. A brightly coloured Lizprintz creation can tie together both neutral and bold surroundings.

For the table: placemats, coasters, table runners and table squares.

For the floor: pet mats and floorcloths.

Each Lizprintz piece is handcrafted and painted with rich colour. All designs are original compositions and no two creations are alike.

Available at the Salt Spring Saturday Market (April – October) or by custom order. Please contact us for details.

About Liz

Elizabeth, the artist behind Lizprintz Creations, is fascinated by opposites: function versus beauty, tradition that incorporates innovation, and happy accidents that contrast with careful planning.

Liz states, “I explore these opposites when I paint by applying layers of texture, colour and pattern. All layers are visible in the finished piece, creating rich depth and balance. It is this richness, where opposites serve as complementary elements, that results in a joyful piece of art that has a practical purpose. The whole is truly more than the sum of its parts! This is the magic of the process and it is this magic that I enjoy most.”

Each floorcloth, set of placemats or table runner is created using heavy canvas, acrylic paints, brushes, found tools, original stencils and painted designs. Once complete, several layers of water-based urethane are applied to ensure easy care and durability.

“My floorcloths may be hung as striking wall art, however, all my pieces are very durable and will look good on your floor or table for many years.”